causal C++ runtime
causal runtime


Licensed under the terms of the AGPL-3.0-only (GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE version 3)

Causal is a runtime written in C++ dedicated to make aspects of information interact in frame of a selfsynchronizing non linear system.


The idea is, that a system consists of some information which allows certain meaningful modifications. Such a possible modification is a possible act. Practically an act is a procedure (no return value, no function) which modifies given aspects of systems information. Acts can asynchronously invoke each other. This way you end up with a causal branch, a branch of possibilities which actually took place.


The mastery is to get causality having a fractal, complex, structure so system is always in a defined state without selecting it's possibilities to continue.

  • Gladly our everyday's live uses to train our respective mental abilities.
  • Sadly there is nothing like perfection.
  • Luckily things need only to be sufficient for matching the expectation.


  • Allows causality instead of functionality driven algorithms
  • Utilizes aspects of object orientation for allowing complex system structures
  • Only granularity of action is selecting scalability
  • Therefore allows parallel execution of acts across processors of concentrated and distributed clusters
  • Memory management for aspects is done automatically by ref counters (as long as the design rules are respected)